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Active year so far.

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Active year so far.

Okay engineer by trade here so keeping track of numbers comes with the profession. This is my 5th riding season with Warmshowers and
each year the number of people pedaling up has increased. Last year there were 19 total . So far this year 13 with 2 more on their way later this week
and the season is just over a month along. almost 3 months left to go.
It is always fun to open my door to the next visitor, share a meal, hear their stories , adventures, and dreams.
Twice there have doubled up guest. one or more request then get another solo or pair come the same eve. The more the merrier is how I look at it.

How is the season going for others?

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I haven't had a request in

I haven't had a request in over a month, but things always slow down this time of year. I just checked and last winter we only had 7 requests, I don't expect many more than that this season.

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4 so far. Pretty good for being way off any ACA route. Enjoyed them all. One, out of the blue, sent me a fine, large, copper clad metal cup, ideal for cooking on a burner, after I admired his. Another donated a tube after I flatted while riding part of his route with him. Refused payment.

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well about half way through the pedaling season here in Indiana and I have had more guests so far this year than all of last year. Sure been fun meeting folks going in just about all directions. Each with a unique story of why they are on the road and some adventure to share. All would be welcome to stay again, the" no bad apples" tradition continues.

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Almost three months without a

Almost three months without a request. I have now crossed over to page 2 of the list search in my city, below more than 60 other hosts. It would take quite an act of perserverence for a member to find my profile now. If travellers were consistently finding hosts here I guess it wouldn't be so bad but I doubt that is the case.

When, of the top three members listed, the first says he is unavailable at the top of his profile, the second has a reply rate of 0/31 and the third doesn't even live here - it is plain to see that WS's antiquated member search is doing a disservice to guests and to people who genuinely want to host in large cities, I hope it can be put right soon.

In addition I can now contemplate at some point in the future falling off page 2 of the list search never to be found again (there is no page 3) a fate that has already befallen who knows how many hosts in my city and others around the world.

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We had at least six requests

We had at least six requests I think, only been able to host two (own vacation and work in the way).
But two is better then none, and we hope to see more next year!

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We have cyclists here year

We have cyclists here year round. Except for late July and August. It is just too hot to cycle in South Louisiana. It is now the end of August, and with September and fall temperatures around the corner, I assume we'll be receiving cyclists soon enough. We have an outdoor hot shower, that has served us well (outstandingly well) and during this summer cyclist lull, we re-built it.
It's a completely self contained, propane, automatic outdoor tankless water heater. It has been the best thing ever...we love it, and cyclists love it. We have it facing the woods, and is not visible to anyone or anything, so no need to close a liberating to shower out in the wide open, but private shower...

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I held off hosting for

I held off hosting for several months until a couple of weeks ago.
I spied a young female biker outside the post office, then her companion who was chatting up a local about motels.
I wound up hosting the young ladies and stayed open until tonight.
I've had almost non-stop guests and since I help with repairs (to include rides to shops for new spokes, cables, and other things I may not have), I spend a fair amount of time sometimes just helping them get back on the road.
Today, for instance... I had discovered a broken spoke and loose spokes on one traveler's rear wheel, last night. This morning (Sunday on a holiday weekend), we tried to find a shop open so we could get a new spoke and brake cable.
I drove them to the next town 15miles away. Found what we wanted at the second shop, came home and I went about fixing his wheel, showing him about truing wheels along the way.
Had him help me replace his brake cable (I like getting them involved in the repairs so they can be more independent), then did a once-over to make sure everything was good to go.
While he test rode outside, I checked his partners rig, with a slight adjustment here and there.
I also sewed up a blown heat-sealed seam on one pannier, showing the owner how I was doing it by hand (we had "Gorilla" Glue'd it last night) and handed him two needles and some wax thread for down the road.
Once we finally left (I offered to bump them ahead 30 miles due to the late start), we got 16 miles down the road when one guy said, "Can we pull over? I think I might not have loaded my tent poles!"... LOL
Sure enough, all the way back home, found the poles-in-sack-under-couch.
Off again and finally dropped them off midway down the Avenue of the Giants.
I have some personal stuff to take care of that I missed today because of all this, so I put myself as "not available" until next Sunday.
Sometimes I just need a little "Me" time! hahaha
Love hosting! I have not had one bad experience so far and I'm looking forward to opening up again soon for the remainder of the season (once the rains hit here on the North Coast of California, it's just the RTW types who show up... the Canada to Mexico folks are generally done for the year).

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This Season

Busy year here as well, we had 11 guests in just over a week. 3 couples traveling independently all arrived on the same night last Sunday! All tolled, we have had 42 guests this year (and a few have stayed twice - on the return up from San Diego). And we host year round as well (our fist guests this year arrived NYE).

Unfortunately, I have not had as much success in finding hosts when I have been out on the road.

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New host since September 2015

So far I have had 38 guest since my first guest on September 27th, 2015. Since I am really the only full time host in my area out of the 2 that I get lots of guest looking for a place between New Orleans, La.and Baton Rouge,La.So far i have only had good experiences and I do leave feedback on every guest for other host to evaluate them.
Since my site is not at my home they do have lots of privacy and with the amenities I provide is sufficient for all so far.I don't get to spend a lot of time with most due to my work schedule, but when I can I try to learn about their travels. I do believe all host should respond to request whether or not you are available because I do believe it is important for the cyclist to have a destination reserved and not be left to find anything less than a safe place to sleep.

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