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Finland July-August 2015: Want to meet me at least?

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Finland July-August 2015: Want to meet me at least?

I am a mature aged guy with limited vision and health so my cycling pace is very slow. Uh, and I am carrying a bit too much stuff on my old bike. So, obviously for must of you, I am far too slow to ride with but at least we could meet.

I am a world traveller, born and raised in Finland, then moved to Singapore, Australia, recently South-East Asia.
I am planning to cycly from Oulu where I am going to spend the Midsummer, towards Kajaani and from there to more Eastern Finland somehow towards Helsinki. My plan is very flexible, much depending where I can find people to host me or at least meet.

I speak native Finnish, good English and decent Russian.
Especially I want to meet vegans, vegetarians and Asians living in Finland but everyone else is most welcome as well :D

I have started my journey already in May but due to health issues and bad weather I have mostly stayed inside houses and used trains to move around but done a few day trips or two-day journeys already.