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Ccycling South East Asia + India Beginning Hanoi on 11th June 2015

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Ccycling South East Asia + India Beginning Hanoi on 11th June 2015

Hello there!

I'm Sarah, a twenty something Aussie who'll be landing in Hanoi on Thursday.

If you're going the same way, lets hang out and cycle together for a bit.

It's my first time touring overseas by bike (but not my 'first rodeo' as they say) travelling to Asia (I went there for a few months when I was 18). I'll probably just meander around SE Asia for the next 3 months just following the good weather and good times so if you have a route in mind, lets hear it.

Travel style-wise I'm taking it super cruisy, probably putting around 50k's a day under my belt to begin with and stopping off plenty; I'm pretty budget conscious so will be staying in hostels or cheap guesthouses and eating street food (which is fecking delicious in Asia so no qualms there!)

I've got a thin-tyred vintage touring bike, a couple of super daggy outfits and a mop head of curls. I like Dad jokes and taking naps in the shade during the midday heat. Nothing bothers me, I eat everything and I'm an easy person to get along with.

If that sounds like your jam, hit me up.

(If you want to know more about your potential companion- you can check out my blog and my couchsurfing profile by going to my page)

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Hey sarah, I'm a twenty

Hey sarah,

I'm a twenty something american in luang prabang now. I started in Chengdu and I'm heading south (already 3500km into my trip). I will cross at Na Meo after visiting the Valley of the JArs, then I plan to make a detour up to the Northern border of Vietnam and China at Ha Giang, then head south to Halong and finally into Hanoi around July 3rd. After that I'll cruise down the coast, spending a majority of my time inland where the food and housing is cheap, with a long stopover in hue/danang/hoi an/my son. Let me know your route and when and where you'll be mid July and maybe we can meet up.


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Howdy Neil- how about I meet you on the way?

Hiya Neill- going north is looking all the more appealing at the moment and I'm thinking I might do a bit of China- widen the loop a bit. I'd like to follow the cooler weather and eventually end up in India in 6 months. (cycling in hanoi is fine but you are slowed down a lot by 40+ temperatures!)

Does that sound doable? Or maybe meet somewhere further along...

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