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biking in south england + Bretagne or Normandie July 2015

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biking in south england + Bretagne or Normandie July 2015

I’m a French girl who plan to travel in july trough Bretagne and South England./ I would use different eurovelo.

To be a bit more precise: I’am 27 and something sportive: that means I plan to do around 60-100 km per day. According to the weather and according to what I could visit. A perfect day (but does the perfection exist?) for me should be : around 5 hours biking + 5 hours tourism + tent + warm shower and and and..

I’m :more early wake up than late to bed;
more tea than soda;
more vegetable than meat ;
more DIY than ready-made,
more tent than luxury hostel…
if you want to find a good equilibrium between travel und take time to discover the country you cross (visiting church/museum, speaking with “native tribe”, and so on.. ) we will probably do not need to find difficult compromise for our travel.

I ‘am free in July (but from 6th to 10th) and I wanted to make a journey like “Bretagne or Normandie + using a ferry connection + east to west (or west to east, if it’s better thus) in the south of England + using a ferry connection and go back to start point.. the trip can and should evolve.(it's up to you; according to your possibilities and restrictions)

That ‘s the rought plan but there is someone who want to travel with?

hum... i forget something : i will travel with my new recumbent bike...