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I cook gluten free, organic and often cook vegan or vegetarian just because I want to. When cyclists arrive I ask them if they are vegetarians or vegan, because I feed them (because I like the social interaction AND I like to cook). The response that really stabs at me, when they say they are vegetarians unless it's something good and then they will eat conventional omnivore fare. It's kind of like an underhanded pre-insult. I don't know if by the time that they have gotten here, traveling through the rural South, that they are so dis-enchanted with food choices, that they are gun shy and say that without even thinking about it...
When they make that comment, in my mind, I'm sarcastically thinking "yeah, I'm gonna serve ramen noodles and cheap mac and cheese, and really hormone laden meat". The reality is the opposite. Sometimes, it just seems there's no tactful answer, sort of goes with the entitled attitude..

Last night, before retiring, I asked cyclist if he was a morning coffee drinker and his reply was "well, if it's good coffee, I'll drink it" I make a blend of colombian and costa rican, grind it myself, and get good nods on my sometimes those comments are just a bit on the passive aggressive entitled side....

Rant over.

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Oh, I couldn't possibly eat that.

Screw 'em. A comment like that would get a rather pointed response from me and no coffee or food for them.


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keep calm and...
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as for the coffee snobs we

as for the coffee snobs we have a very large jar of Nescafe prominently on display in the kitchen, that tends to shut them up. I would also recommend the public display of some ghastly bag in a box inebriant to prevent any latent sommeliers from emerging.

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not a coffee drinker so...

Just simply do not care for the taste of coffee, so have never learned to drink it, and do not plan to in the future. That being said, I did get a single cup Black & Decker coffee maker and bought Wally world's brand of regular coffee and keep it in my fridge. If at home in the morning I make my guests and myself a hearty breakfast, but leave the coffee making up to them. That way if it comes out undrinkable it is on them and not me.
When I offered one couple coffee in the AM , they both declined, we joked that to have 3 non-coffee drinkers in the same place at the same time was almost unheard of.

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Looking at your membership of 15 years you must be an experienced host. Different places at the forum there are discussions about rude and doubtful behaviour of guests. Just like other contributors I have shown my "conditions". Conditions that are generated by several undesired experiences in relation to my Dutch standards and personal expectations.

Although your vegan/vegetarian way of cooking is not my way of preparing dinner and breakfast, I always serve my guests these two meals for free. I really like to cook for them and spend a lot of time, sometimes way beyond midnight. I love to hear their stories and tell them mine.

Being a host does not mean that a guest is going to tell me what to serve.
I stopped asking what guests would like. When they visit me, it's totally for free and what I put on the table IS it!

As you can see in "my conditions" this is described as "The Dutch experience".
I refuse to adapt my house, meals and habits to guests. If guests don't like that, they better can visit a hotel/restaurant and choose (and pay !) a preferred menu.

Hereby my some of my conditions at my WSL-account.
--I have a "happy-hour" around 17.00 h.with liquor, Dutch beer or soft drinks while you tell
your adventures.
--you are welcome in between 17.00 - 18.00 o'clock (= 5.00 - 6.00 P.M).
If you think to arrive later,CALL ME, because I prepare a warm dinner.
--if you are allergic for certain food, please mention this ahead.
--dinner is in local Dutch style, as our farmers, fishermen and ancestors did.
You are in The Netherlands, so you'll experience Dutch food and habits.
Are you picky, or vegetarian? ...
You will starve!
However...most WSL-members survived my meals !

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"You are in The Netherlands,

"You are in The Netherlands, so you'll experience Dutch food and habits."

Regardless of whatever your ancestors ate, it’s peculiar that you so insist on your guests eating meat as "the Dutch way", when the Netherlands is home to hundreds of thousands of vegetarians. The Dutch on budget or nomadic traveling networks, like WarmShowers, are especially likely to be vegetarian or identify with certain other alternative lifestyles different than your "farmers, fishermen, and ancestors" did.

I don't think the vast majority of vegetarian guests would ever demand that you serve them their preferred diet. They are just going to be grateful for the roof over their heads. However, your entire curmudgeonous attitude suggests that if guests elected not to partake of the food you had, and ate somewhere else more appropriate for them before arrival, then you would get angry and hold it against them. On an international network like WarmShowers, where we do have kosher and halal tourers besides the enormous amount of vegetarians, that would be very creepy behaviour for a host.

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Dutch food

Hi Christopher Culver,

Thanks for your comment.
You show how different WSL-members are. Great!

Over the 14 years period of being a WSL-member I was visited by people who opened my refrigerator (without asking) if "there is something else to eat." People who rejected half of my well prepared dinner "because they did not like my typical local food". People who expected "hotdogs, French fries, pasta's, or vegan food."
I am not a just a "free hotel and restaurant" for people with (very?) personal preferences and wishes. If you wish to visit me, than you visit my home, with our own local menu which includes meat or fish and our own local habits.
My WSL-account is clear in that and other conditions to prevent disappointments.

If this is not your cup of tea, no problem, feel free to skip my address.
Freedom of lifestyle is one of the major values of the WSL-members.
If you ever pass my village, please, visit me. Afterwards you can write your well documented experiences and feedback. It will be published at this forum as part or the discussion.

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I am an omnivore; but am

I am an omnivore; but am appreciative of any meal a "host' would be willing to gracously prepare for me. thanks to all who have ever hosted me on my tours. Peace and tailwinds.


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Set dinner

We always ask if they are veggies, and we have 2 menus, beef risotto if it is cold, or ratatouille with chicken cooked as a side dish if there are any vegetarians/vegans. This way we don't have to think about what we serve and we always have this in the house. If guests stay for a second night we are usually more creative (homemade sushi for 2 recent guests) but by then you know their tastes.

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Food choices

If a guest fails to read my profile page and arrives empty handed I like to tease them by offering Road Kill for dinner. If they stay a second night I request they provide and cook for me or contribute some labour to my small hobby farm. Fortunately 95% of my guests have accepted what I offered them. One lovely matured aged Korean couple stayed five nights and we had an absolute hoot together. Cycling Sandi.

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veg-head biggots

what a horrible host. I noticed that in the past I when my family had barbecues, they would put out vegetarian friendly food. Over several years I've gone to parties hosted by vegatarians and vegans ... and nothing is there for me or my friends, that have made other choices in life.

Like this host is, they are militaristic style bigots, so next time I have a party I will make sure there is the same treatment for them that they give me = meat and only meat. I've had it with these one sided cultists, and I'll make sure to host none of them nor stay with any of their type, since they are so exclusionary.

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Hard words

Aggressive entitled side..., veg head bigots..., creepy..., screw' em..., insult..., curmudgeonous..., tease..., militaristic style...horrible...

These rather hard words, used in various contributions here above to indicate that the lifestyle of some hosts or guests are rejected, in my opinion don't fit in the world of friendly WS-members.

The principle is easy:
--In a pizzaria I don't order Chinese food.
--A vegetarian restaurant doesn't serve a T-bone steak
--If we put up our tent in a pig stable, we don't expect Hilton Hotel services
--In a 5-star hotel we don't walk in with mud loaded shoes and a dripping bike.

What's the problem? Just make your own choices.

A WS-member has a very wide, personal freedom of choices, as a host and as a guest. The guest chooses on the base of the host's profile an address and accepts, doing so, 100% the free (!) offered facilities and conditions during the stay.
A host accepts, after reading the guests profile, the guest.
If the host or guest does not meet your personal standards, than you just made the wrong decision.
As simple as that.

See also for a similar discussion:
"Entitlement mentality of guests"

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