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Welcome to Pieksämäki, Finland.

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Welcome to Pieksämäki, Finland.

Snow has melted in forest, no more ice on lake, mosquitos are out already and the Ice Hockey World Championship is on so it must be almost Summer in Finland.
Spring has been much cooler than last year, about 7 - 16 c daytime high temperatures at moment and from the forecast 20c will be a warm day this Summer. I would bring at least a 3 season sleeping bag if heading North through Finland. I have camped on the Baltic in June and have been happy for mine. Too bad my wife stole it from me and gave me her Summer bag.
So welcome, genuine touring cyclists, to Pieksämäki , Finland this Summer on your way North to Europes North Cape if if you are touring around beautiful Central Lakeland Region of Finland. We are home most of the time and have just moved to bigger 2 bedroom apt. 2 minutes from lake beach and 2 minutes from forest full of berries and mushrooms.
We have a 3 and half year old girl who is always happy to meet genuine cyclists. After visitors in 20011, 12 and 13 last years no show was a bit of a disappointment. Don't let us down this year ;-)
Late notice not usually a problem ( I understand touring ) and for quickest replies always send text message. Contact privately here for my number first.
Happy trails from Jim, Terhi and Isabel.

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What a wonderfull post! I

What a wonderfull post!
I hope you get some visitors this year, been quiet for us to, but hey in 5 weeks I'll go Finland to bike again (third year).
Not going as "far north" as Pieksämäki this year though.

Good luck!

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Miss Suomi

Hello there,

My name is Paul Kim from Corea and would love to return to Finland soon.
Above all, would love to meet more genuine warm hearted Finns like you and your family.

Unfortunately my cycling plan is booked for this year (Pamir, Iceland), but might give you a surprise visit someday soon. (I'd love to do winter cycling in Lapland)

Wish you all the best and happy pedaling.

pk from Corea and Italy

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Paul, When will you be in


When will you be in Iceland?


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welcome someday

welcome someday

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