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Where to stay in Madrid ?

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Where to stay in Madrid ?


After 5 consecutive requests for hosting in Madrid, I gave up and booked a hostel there. It is just bad luck as this is the first time it happens to me. I always found a Warmshower host in 1 or 2 messages.

Anyway, we arrive yesterday at 22:00 after a flight from Colombia, only to hear that the hostel doesn't have space for bicycles (the place is huge and Has space). This is the first time (in maaaany hostels) that this happens. We managed to stay one night anyway, and not the 3 I booked. They also tried to rip me off and keep my full deposit. Ridiculous.

This morning I look for another hostel : most of them answered "No bicycle" or want to charge me like 5€ to store a bike.
What is this place ?? I traveled for 4 years with my bicycle and this is the first city so bike unfriendly.

Do you know any bike friendly (and affordable) hostel in Madrid ?

Thanks !

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The first hostel where they

The first hostel where they refused our bikes was Hostel Era (there are 2 in Madrid and both will refuse).

The one we are actually is called Las Musas. The location is good, the staff is friendly, everything is clean and you can lock your bikes at the ground floor which is very convenient. This place is all good, in case you are looking for a hostel in Madrid too ;)

Dorms start at 12-13€. We are in a 8 dorm mixed, 14€/night/pers. Small breakfast included, wifi, etc. Dorms are big.

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