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unanswered requests

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unanswered requests

By clicking on the "Unanswered request" box on my page, it shows that I have not answered ten requests. Not true! I have answered every single request that I get ( generally affirmatively) The system appears to treat every unanswered note as a request. In actuality, these are all the final letter in a string of correspondence with various WS members, where it would be overkill if I was to write one more note ( and probably then put their unananswered stats up.)

Is there a way around this issue?
Many thanks, Biff

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Responsiveness rate problem

If you click on the "Unanswered requests" tab on your messages page you will see a list of all the FIRST contact messages you received to which you have not responded through the Warmshowers messages board.

I noticed that Klaus seemed to contact you with a NEW message every time he had a question or comment. Had he simply kept his responses within the first message there wouldn't be so many in the "unanswered" queue.

If you respond to a message you receive on the Warmshowers message board by any other method, by phone for instance, you may have answered the query but you did not respond to the message on the message board.

Please take a look at the link for "My responsiveness is wrong!" in the Warmshowers FAQs for more details:

Warmshowers volunteer admin

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resonsiveness rate problem

Mark, Many thanks for the explaination. :-)

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