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Portugal - 2 Week Itinerary Suggestions?

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Portugal - 2 Week Itinerary Suggestions?

My husband and I are planning on touring Portugal for two weeks in late April 2015. We will fly into Lisbon with our own bicycles. We are in the early stages of planning. Does anybody have any suggestions as far as routes go? Our first thoughts are to go North along the coast but we are open to suggestions. Thanks so much!

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Cycling in Portugal

Hi Meilani and Philip,

last year we cycled from Porto to Sintra near Lisbon in 2 1/2 weeks. It was a little bit of everything: sea - rivers - nature - towns,... And we really enjoyed it.
Here is the whole track: and here you find the single tracks:

If you want more informations don't hesitate to ask.

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Portugal 2 weeks

Thank you for sharing your Portugal trip. It has been difficult deciding where to go in Portugal. After much thought we have decided to tour in the Alentejo region for this trip. We hope to return in the spring of 2016 and tour from Lisbon to Porto. We will save your information for next year!

Thank you,
Meilani & Philip

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A quick question

Dear MuH,

The route that you have listed is it for road bikes? I'm cycling from Porto to Lisbon on my road bike and want to stay as close to the coast as possible on quiet sealed roads. Do you know anyone who might have maps for my garmin 800?
Hope to hear from you

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Hi Lou, in Portugal are not

Hi Lou,

in Portugal are not many cycle paths, you can see them here:
Most of the streets and paths we took were ok, that means in good condition and quiet. Only from Peniche to Colares we had much traffic.;jsessionid=62341899DF642287F5920EA53E66B1F0?fileId=wryddfjrabekuyyh

For our Garmin we use open street maps:

Michaela and Herbert

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We ride with our bicycle on Portugal for 2 weeks on june 2012.
From Lisbon to the border of Spain (Vila Real) along the south coast (the Algarve).
The weather was good, not too hot, no rain. Wind near the cape of Sao Vicente (normal).
Landscapes are beautiful, and people very kind.
There are many little hotels on the road. Restaurants are cheap.
I can send you by mail a synthesis of our trip.

The north of Portugal is more rainy and colder than south, because more montainous (hills).
South from Lagos to Vila Real is more touristic, because hotter, and with sandy beaches.
In april, there are no many tourist, so no problem to find hotels or rooms.
Have a good stay in Portugal, and perhaps one day in France.

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Portugal 2 weeks

Thank you for your reply. We have had the most difficult time deciding where to ride in Portugal because it all so beautiful. After much reading and suggestions from people, we have decided to go south from Lisbon and mostly tour in the Alentejo region. We hope to end in Sagres.

We will be cycling from the airport. We are not quite sure how we will get out of Lisbon on our bicycles. One thought is to take the train to Setubul and then take the ferry across the river to start our trip. Another thought is to take a train that gets us close to Evora where we would start our trip. If we go to Evora, we would take a train to get out of Lisbon and then it would take a day to cycle to Evora. There are not any trains going to Evora that accommodate bicycles. Do you have any thoughts on how to get out of Lisbon?

If you don't mind, we would like to see your itinerary. Our email is: [email protected]

Thank you so much,
Meilani & Philip

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cycling portugal

Meilani and Philip
I am a solo granny cyclist, thinking of cycling in Portugal in May, I would also be cycling from the airport in Lisbon. Hopefully you will blog so we can see how it goes for you. I haven't begun to plan for this portion of my trip. The other option is along the Rhine, but know it will be more pleasant weather wise in Portugal. I would like to camp a bit but if accommodation reasonable am not afraid to credit card tour either.

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Alentejo Region Portugal

Hello Colleen,
We will be cycling from Lisbon airport to catch a train that will get us out of the city. We are going to Evora and doing a 12-14 day loop in the Alentejo region.

There are two possible options that will get us towards Evora:
Ferry from Lisbon’s Terreiro do Paço ferry terminal to Barreiro followed by urban train service to Pinhal Novo (hourly, 18mins €1.85) and a 98km ride to Evora.

Urban or regional train from Lisboa Oriente station to Vila Franca de Xira (several each hour, 16- 26mins €2.15- 2.55) – and a 117km ride.

We are still not sure of what we will do the first day. We fly into Lisbon late afternoon and then need to assemble our bicycles. It will be rush hour by the time we leave the airport so we need to plan carefully. A logical option would be to overnight in Lisbon and start out fresh the next morning. We don't always do things the easy or logical way.......

We are not bloggers.....sorry! We do feel quite "hip" with our new iPhone we bought for the trip! Need a month to try and figure it out :). We will try to answer any questions you have though.

Our plans are to camp, stay with WS hosts, or rent a room.


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