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Our experiences with visitors

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Our experiences with visitors

We've hosted a number of folks with good experiences all around. We're right on the Adventure Cycling Northern Tier route, a state bike route and a canal trail.

1. From WSL, a solo cross country rider. Good chat and exchange of Northern Tier stories.
2. From WSL, a travelling evangelist. We're of the same faith, but he didn't press his message; when I asked his message, he told us outright but didn't hammer on us.
3. Adventure Cycling group, twice. Lots of laughs, great conversation.
4. Friends I met while on the road myself. Good to see them again.

We have yet to have a bad experience. The guests actually had a part in getting my wife psyched about touring.


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The Good and The Bad

We have had countless good experiences staying with WSL hosts! Most are wonderful and considerate people. However we did have two bad experiences that we remember very well. In hindsight they are kind of funny but at the time, after a long tiring day of pedaling, not so much! It's definitely necessary to be flexible and roll with the punches since every encounter is unique.

I must say our positive experiences FAR outweigh these two negative ones. People are generally very kind and good-hearted. All of our experiences as WSL hosts have been positive too.

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