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Seeking companion Greece - Germany end September

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Seeking companion Greece - Germany end September

Hey folks,
I'm currently in Greece chilling til end of September after cycling from Berlin via Italy (not the whole way, haha, I cheated with train). I'm looking for (a) cycling companion(s) for the way back, through the Balkans - Albania-Kosovo-Croatia-Slovenia or North Macedonia - Serbia-Hungary etc., for part of the way or the whole way, starting around the 25th and taking 2-3 weeks. No strict deadlines but I'd like for practical reasons to be in Berlin by middle of October latest, so that involves taking a train or two as well.

Technical infos: I have camping but no cooking gear, travel with bike bags and small panniers. I have a gravel bike with 35mm tyres so it can't handle extreme offroad conditions, especially mud is a big problem because of frame to tyre clearance being especially tight, I got stuck in clay-like mud in the hills in Italy and that was not fun. I'd say I've been doing about 80/20 ratio of asphalt-dirtroads so far. I'm not an outright fan of extreme climbs either but some mountains must be. I've been doing between 60-150km per day depending on hills and terrain. I tend to sprint on flat asphalt and take it very easy on hills.

I have a little experience of touring with an ex-partner around Finland and Scotland. I'm very self-sufficient and travelling alone has its moments but travelling with a companion definitely more fun to share those highs and lows with others. Hope to find a companion(s) here! Cheers!

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