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Using WS As Business Platform

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Using WS As Business Platform

Hello cyclists!
1. My name is John from Malaysia. I could not find a proper forum for this. I found out some user is using WS as a business platform. I will not give too much detail because i want to understand WS policy on this. Or maybe i am freeloader?
2. I was planning a route from South Malaysia heading North Malaysia towards Thailand - Malaysia border. I contact this user. And i found out this user charges fee for the usage of his or her facility. Like i said, maybe i get used to it? Because i might as well stay at a hotel or a public camp site or a hostel or an inn. Or maybe i misunderstood?
3. Basically, this user is renting an indoor space for WS member. So, is that not like a hotel or a public camp site or a hostel or an inn? Kitchen space, gas, and kitchen utensil is provided. Including literal warm shower. You have to bring your own toiletries.
4. As far as i know of WS, its a reciprocal network of cyclist. Over the years, i see the WS community has changed a bit. I do not want WS to end up like Couchsurfing. I have WS member arriving without their bike hoping to get an accomodation with me. I am fine with that.
5. I am going off topic.

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