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Southern United States winter/early spring

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Southern United States winter/early spring

hey cycling friends,

anyone want to ride in the southern united states (where it’s warmer!) sometime over the winter/early spring season? i recently graduated from college and i’ve since been a nomad wwoofing, backpacking, and trying to live in a way that protects and cherishes the natural world. very general post to see if there’s any interest. don’t have any concrete plans for timing or location… just want to adventure. was thinking of starting near east coast and biking west but would be happy to hear other ideas! i’m 23 years old and would love if some younger folks could join.

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Hey Clay how's it going man?

Hey Clay how's it going man? I'm from Oregon and I've been travelling a bit in SE asia (I'm currently in chiang mai Thailand) but looking to head back to the states. I've been thinking about doing the southern tier as well soon.

I did part of the southern tier when I was your age (I'm 26 now) and had some difficulties that caused me to hitchhike part of the way. But I would love to retry with company this time. You seem like a kind person and someone I would enjoy riding with.

Could you tell me what your timeline is looking like? It would be wise to start thinking of getting a move on soon before the heat really kicks in later in the season. Seems to me like based on my last experience is that you don't want to arrive in Tx too early (I was caught in some pretty cold and snow weather) but don't want to start too late unless you plan on night riding in the desert (which could be fun).

I'll ask around, I may have a young friend or two who might tag along ...

The best place to reach me regularly is on instagram. My tag is shmuelly123.

Looking forward to hearing from you,