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2023 Fall - Quebec City to Orlando (cycling snowbird)

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2023 Fall - Quebec City to Orlando (cycling snowbird)


I'm planning a bike trip that will start on August 6, 2023. I do like to plan well beforhand.

The general idea is to start from Quebec City, where I live, and reach Orlando about 2 months later. Return by plane.

I will be self-supported (tent, a bit of cooking stuff, etc). I plan to visit a lot of Warmshowers hosts to camp/sleep, but also official campgrounds and wild camping (about 1-2 time per week maximum). I'm also willing to "camp" inside from time to time (B&B, hostels, etc).

I've never been a speed addict and don't want to be one: I plan to ride about 60-70 km (38-43 miles) per day.

I plan to use train or bus at least two times: to cross New York suburbs before reaching the city and to go through both Carolinas. And I don't mind to use these transports to catch up time or avoid to climb too much, if needed.

I am an experienced bike tourer who started at 18 and is now 43. I've toured in eastern Canada, a bit of northeast USA and Europe (8 countries in almost 3 months, in 2015). I'm also a bike mecanic who can handle most of the bike issues one can go through during a tour.

I'm looking for companion(s) that would be interessed to join me for part(s) of or for all of my itininerary. For example, someone could join me in New York city and bike with me up to Washington D.C. and that would be great. 

I have a quite precise planning for the first 2 weeks of the trip (deviations welcomed) and a general idea for the the following weeks. 

IMPORTANT: I want to ride with an autonomous partner. Someone who like to travel with somebody else but DON'T NEED to. So, if we happen to have too divergent opinions about the route to take or the places to sleep, each one could just continue alone, without drama. I like freedom and I want to ride with a person who enjoy company but is not dependant upon me.

I wish to take the time to get to know my companion(s) before the start of this journey. By email, Skype or even, if we live not too far, by "real-life meeting".

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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