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Vienna - Prag - Dresden - Berlin 27.09. to 04.10.22

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Vienna - Prag - Dresden - Berlin 27.09. to 04.10.22

Hello everyone

From the 27.09. to the 04.10.22 I would like to bike from Vienna to Berlin. That should be 8 eight days. I would be nice if someone or even multiple people are coming along :)

On the way we could also visit Prag, Dresden and the small mountains at the border from Poland to Germany which I heard are very very nice.

I would go with a tent and do wildcamping. I have a cooking stove with me, which we would share of course :) So less weight for you ;)

I have a touring-mountainbike and I am rather going relaxed and without a hurry.

Everything, the camping method, the exact dates, and so on can also be discussed :)

Would be nice to hear from you.

I am 28 years old, grew up in Switzerland, used to work as a geographer, I play a little guitar, I eat vegan, and I am looking forward to getting to know you



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