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Riding across Switzerland from Genève

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Riding across Switzerland from Genève

Hey ! 

I'll be in Genève next Friday, my idea is to go across Switzerland with my bike and do some stops to hike.

Any recommendations? Someone around? ( I plan to stay in Switzerland for 2/3 weeks) 


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where is your current location?

Hi Toni Con,

Hope you like Switzerland, at this site - - you can view most cycling route in Switzerland, as well Hiking, click on the map and chose from the left what you want to be shown on the map.

I guess you prolly left Geneva already since tuesday by now i'm posting this. anyway the north part on Switzerland is mostly flat, as you can see on the map around Vevey/Montreux lots of mountain and uphill starts to show up and go across the whole middle map section into the other countries south and southeast from the border.

If you zoom into the map you can see the altimeter from the mountains and valley on the map.

I would say riding alongside the lakes and river is nice, some small river sadly are dry as a dune, a nice one is from Basel to Schaffhausen along the Rhein, you can keep going untill Stein am Rhein, where goes into the lake(Untersee) along that you can continue to Konstanz/Kreuzlingen at lake(Bodensee) just a example.

Hope this helps you, i'm currently in Zürich with my injured ankle.