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Need urgent help with my biking bag

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Need urgent help with my biking bag

Hey guys,

I am on a trip around the Baltic coast with a friend. Unfortunately I had a small crash and destroyed the quick lock system from my ortlieb bag. I urgently need the QL2.1. mounting hooks from Ortlieb to use the bag again. I am around 200km in the south of Tallinn. I'll be there on Friday the 8th and take the ferry to Helsinki on the 10th. I'll try to get one there but I don't have much hope cause on the internet it said that they don't have it. So if there is somebody of you out there who reads this and lives in Tallinn or Helsinki and has this adapter system please reach out to me and maybe we can find a solution for me;) That would be really really wonderful and a trip saver. Thanks a lot.


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