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Germany this summer – an exclusive opportunity…

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Germany this summer – an exclusive opportunity…
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Not Always a good Idea



If you are heading to or through Germany during June, July or August, be aware that you might find it just about impossible to take a train with your bike, should you need to do so. This is because of the special offer (starting tomorrow, 1st June) for a whole month of train travel for only €9 on local and regional trains. They are not putting on extra trains to meet the expected demand, and they are expecting such overcrowding that they are putting up info notices basically telling cyclists not even to bother trying (see photo). "We recommend you not to travel with your own bike, rent one at your destination instead." Even if you can get on the train, you risk being forced to deboard at an intermediate station, for instance to make space for a wheelchair or pram. A possible workaround will be to travel on long-distance trains (InterCity etc), which are excluded from the €9 offer, but for which you have to book your bike in advance and reserve a bike space (if you can get one!)


I cannot put pictures of the German annoncement