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Portugal, lisbone - the Algarve: Rota Vicentina

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Portugal, lisbone - the Algarve: Rota Vicentina

Hello guys!

I'm so happy to be a new member of this community. 

I'm planning my first long-solo trip in Portugal for september. I'm planing to start from Lisbone and to use the Rota Vicentina road to Faro.... or the Argarve in general. 

From my reading on diferents blogues, it seem that the roads aren't well marked... but I don't know if it's still accurate and if it's the case for the Rota Vicentina. 

1- Do you think i would need a GPS (if, so, which one would you recommand ?) or an application like Google map or other could be enough ?

2- IIs there anyone who already tried that itinary ? what did you think, what would you recommend ? I'm very open to any tips, suggestions or ideas :) 

3- I never used Warmshowers before... is it safe for solo woman ? Also, it easier to find places to tend + access to bathroom or is there a lot of places that offer ? Im asking because if I have more chances to get places with a tent, I would bring it but otherwise, I might keep my bags lighter and look only for bedrooms... 

Thank you all! :) 

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il y a qq'un qui part ajd ou

il y a qq'un qui part ajd ou demain, sur facebook "cyclo et campeur" qui vient de publier, tu peux suivre!

sinon sa page c'est ça:

bonne route!

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I have spent a lot of time

I have spent a lot of time cycling in Portugal from 99 to 2001. Portugal is full of campsites and one of the most affordable countries in Europe. You could happily follow the coast from Lisbon to Algarve and there are also nice places in inland. I just used a map as GPS was not invented. Got on fine. In 2000s also spent many Autumns down there as not so many tourists as height of Summer and you can still get 30c and 25 c in October and November. As a single female just follow the normal common sense stuff. If you are new to WS then always read peoples bios and feedback to see how and who they are. We have had many single females stay with us and I imagine and hope they would check up on me first. Portugal is a beautiful country with friendly people and great food and wine. It always has a special place in my heart as our daughters story began there. I met my wife on Faro Beach. Pleae         don't hesitate to ask for more info but it's late and I must sleep.

Bom Viage ;-)