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Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand? 2022

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Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand? 2022

Hello fellow bicycle tourers!

I recently moved to Singapore and always enjoy slow travel by bicycle to really explore a location. With COVID restrictions starting to ease, I am now looking to explore the area more. I don’t have any specific location in mind that I need to make it to, and I don’t have any firm dates of travel yet. I am looking for recommendations for the best places to bike to in peninsular Malaysia and possibly even up to Thailand, route recommendations, and even a traveling partner. I would be able to do a 1-3 week tour starting and ending in Singapore, and would be happy to look into one way, taking the train the other direction. If anyone is interested in teaming up or has recommendations on routes or places to stop at, let me know!

I am also wondering if there is a way to message all of the WS hosts in Singapore at once to try and plan a meet up just to hear stories and make some new friends. If anyone knows how to do this easily, please let me know.


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