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seattle to portland

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seattle to portland

My friend and I are beginning our west coast tour Tuesday. Does anyone have a suggested Seattle to Portland route? We want to do 50miles a day. We saw one to Shelton to Centralia to LOngview to Portland. . But we dont see any hosts near shelton...Thoughts? Any and all advice is appreciated! Thanks everyone!!

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I'm currently touring the

I'm currently touring the nation and I did a one day ride from Portland to Seattle during mid August. It was a gorgeous ride. I took I5 from Portland to Longview, but of course I'd recommend staying on the west side of the river because freeways aren't fun to ride on. From Seattle to Tacoma is probably going to be a nightmare with all the stop lights every couple feet. If you can i'd say find a way around that. The roads are nice, I didn't recall having any issues. Everything was very scenic. Chehalis and Centralia are very nice towns. I was on Jackson HWY and passed by the Lewis and Clark state park which was cool.

Ride safe, stay hydrated, and smell the flowers!

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map link for seattle to portland

Hope i am not too late but here is the annual route used by 10,000 cyclists each year. it does change each year but not by much.

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