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Taking your bike in Italian trains ?

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Taking your bike in Italian trains ?

Hi There !

I'm planning a family bike trip in Tuscania in April...

To be able to plan it, I'd like to know if it's possible to take our bikes (with luggages) in regional trains in Italy, without any bag to pack it... ?!

I found informations but nothing conclusive..
To be precise, the idea would be to go from Sienne (or Grossetto) to Pise in train.
It shouldn't be that impossible, isn't ?!

Thank you very much to share if you know something !


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I had no problems in putting

I had no problems in putting bike and paniers in normal regional trains (not fast ones). You can check at the conditions on the train and it specifies if is allowed to board the bicycles

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Hey Julie,

Hey Julie,

I just went through the same pain, searching for a train from Rome to Milano in March. Finally I found an Intercity IC train, in this category you can book a bicycle ticket online after choosing the train. If you scroll down, you can add »Travel with your bike« for 3,50€.

On regional trains it seems it's only possible to take your bike assembled, if there is a bike icon showing up under the Train name (for example Regionale 18220) in the »Journey Selection«. This appears once you click the small »i« icon.

I'm sure you have found this info site already, but I'll post it anyway:
Also this in combination with google translate might help:

To book the bike add on for regional trains (with bike icon), click the drop down »Others/Best Price«, then choose »Advanced Search«. It will show you different tabs in the window, you choose »Offers and Regional Services«. After that, it shows »bike supplement«. Make sure to read this policy because it differs from region to region.
I can give no guarantee though, as I have not travelled there yet and this is just what I found, when researching for my own travel.

Hope I this was helpful and not more confusing …

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Taking your Bike on Italian Trains

Hi Julie:

Were you able to take your bicycle on Italian trains and how was your experience? Did you learn anything else?

Thank you.