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Pamir Highway JULY 2022

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Pamir Highway JULY 2022

Hi Bikers!

I am Stefanie from Austria, and I plan to bike from Kyrgistan to Austria starting in June 2022. If the border to Tadjikistan opens again, I really wanna do Pamir Highway and Wakhan Valley. After that I hope to enter Iran (if transit via Turkmenistan is possible). Further route would be Turkey, Greece, Italy, Austria

If anyone out there is interested to join me on my journey, please contact me. I would be very happy to have companionship!

Kind regards,


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Hi Stefanie, where will you start from ( and when) exactly ?


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Hi, sorry got the news that borders might get closed in 2022.

In 2023 planning other direction. Hope so everything will be fine then.

If you're interested you can join me.

Won't be finished there. Mongolia, South Korea and Japan are next destinations. After that maybe Eastern Tibet, Southeast Asia and India.

P. S. First leg is to cross the Ukraine to take the ferry to Batumi.