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Volunteering journey through Africa

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Volunteering journey through Africa

Hello fellow WSers,

when autumn became to cold for me I took a jump onto the African continent. I am now in Senegal. After I acclimated in Dakar I cycled 150km east and help now with the development of a permaculture gardening project that could lead to give this village and it's youth a future in a green landscape.

In some days I will ride north and along the Senegal river to help with another project.

Mauretania, The Gambia and further South is the idea. Always looking for villages, projects and peasants to help. 

In case you are in the region know a place or project, want to follow my journey invite me to stay or drop me a message look for cycle.yogi Anahel on Instagram.

Salut! It's always another day in paradise Anahel



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