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Cycling Andalusia Spain May-June 2022

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Cycling Andalusia Spain May-June 2022

I want to ride most of this 2000km MTB route (!/  ) plus likely more paved options/alternatives. My guess is an average of 50km (of off-pavement ) per day, 6 days a week, and with periodic easy days/days off to languish on beaches or hike mountains. Mostly wild camping (so a low-cost trip), but all accommodation options are on the table, at least occasionally. I've done quite a few trips of this scale, but this would be the first time with a lot of offroad, though it appears it will not be too aggressive and I'm not trying to prove anything. I will be riding a non-suspension bike.

Want to join me for a part (or even all) of this? I anticipate that some of my 3 sons will join for a week somewhere along the way. I expect this will consume May & June 2022 - when weather should be nice, dry, and not too full of tourists.