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bike touring in Cuba

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bike touring in Cuba

I'm curious if anyone here has done a tour of Cuba by bike. Looking for advice, tips and suggestions.

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Yes I have travelled extensivly across Cuba by bike. We did one month in the east end thenthe following year we did the west end.  We rode a tandem bike and stayed at Casas and a few resorts.  We found the people super friendly and had many adventures along the way.   If you are interested in learning more about our experiances, routes, accomodations etc...let me know.  here or you can email me.  [email protected]

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Hi Nazani

Hi Nazani

Yes - I've done some biketouriing for a month in Cuba about 4 years ago.
Let me know if you need any help with route planing etc...

Greetings from Switzerland,

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Bike touring in Cuba

Four years ago I took a biking trip through Cuba. I arrived to La Habana, then took the bus to Baracoa and cycled back to La Habana (the winds in Cuba run form east to west, so it's better to take that direction). I went in august-september (just before the hurracanes season that starts in october). It was very hot (aparently in december-january it's cooler but is the hight season so it's more expensive). Take care with the sun: bring a very good sun screen, clothing with uv protection and try to not be riding your bike from 11 am to 3pm.
I stayed mostly in Casas Particulares. Food is very good, but you can expect to be eating the same everyday (rice with black beans, shredded pork and tomato and cucumber salad). I took a water filter so as not to have to buy bottled water and that worked very well.
If you want some particular advice or have some questions, write to me and I will tell you my experience.




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Hola, estoy en Cuba en este

Hola, estoy en Cuba en este momento. Empecé mi viaje en La Habana hace un mes y medio, de ahí fui hacia la costa sur y por allí hasta el Oriente. Luego regrese (ahora estoy en Santa clara) por la costa norte. Es muy fácil acampar en la casa de la gente que es súper amable. En las empresas también te permiten acampar y en la playa. Cualquier cosa que necesites saber, pregunta!