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Berlin-Prague-Zagreb-Belgrade-Sofia - Summer/Fall 2021

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Berlin-Prague-Zagreb-Belgrade-Sofia - Summer/Fall 2021

Berlin-Prague-Zagreb-Belgrade-Sofia - Summer/Fall 2021

Citizenship, occupation, etc: USA/Spain (dual), language teacher and translator. I work and bike at the same time. Currently in Berlin. Have toured extensively. Low budget (about 350-400 EUR/month).

Departure: maybe 3rd week of July.
Distance: about 2.000 km
Accommodation: Camping (wild/stealth, sometimes paying). Warmshowers. Hostels or cheap hotels.
Daily routine/schedule: mornings 3-4-5 hours of cycling. Break for 4-5 hours in a cafe. Cycling again for 2-3 hours in the afternoon/evening.

Feel free to post your personal information (as above) and any questions or comments here or directly to me. Depending on the number of people and compatibility, we can bike together just a couple of days or the whole way. Also, if you are along the itinerary and can host me/us, please let us know!

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Wonderful tour!

Oh thats absolutely an amazing trip. Would love to do the same but I have to work the next weeks! Have a lot of fun and keep safe! Best Alex

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Borders an covid.

Hi Ignacio,

Sounds like a great trip, I was planning something similar to start mid August but I'm concerned about border crossings due to the covud problems/ testing etc. Are yoh expecting to pay for a covid test for every new country? Have you left Germany yet? .



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No, I haven't left yet (so

No, I haven't left yet (so still in Berlin) but I might do so now at the end of the month or August 1st, to make it a "round" date.
Regarding Covid, I hope that on the road there will not be so many controls anyway (not like at airports) and then I also recently got the vaccine (Janssen) so I have a certificate (QR Code) for that, maybe that will suffice. If they require a test and it's expensive, then I'll just turn around and find a different route or bike only where I can. I want to be back in Berlin in the fall anyway. We'll see. But if I can get through without problems to Serbia, that woud be good as I've been there before and it's cheaper (in case I need to go to a dentist, or generally, to buy clothes, bike stuff maybe).

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Departure August 1st

Still planning on leaving August 1st (tomorrow) but going first to Poland... Zielona Gora, Wroclaw, Krakow, and from there to the Czech Republich and Austria.

We'll see exactly how it goes. 
Switzerland (and Austria, too, I guess) is pretty expensive, but maybe stocking up beforehand on food and camping along the way, it shouldn't be a problem then from Zurich back in to Germany and back to Berlin by October. So basically cycling August and September.

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we can meet

Hi Ignacio,

I live in Bielsko-Biała, Poland (100 km before Kraków on your way). If you are now somewhere in that region, we can meet and cycle together for some days.


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How is your trip going? I am planning to go a similar route this fall starting from Prague in September and following Budapest, Belgrade, Sofia, Athens. Perhaps our paths would cross?

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Change of Plans

Hi Mindaugas. I decided just recently to go north instead of south (now in Krakow), so I'll likely be headed toward Warsaw, maybe (if the bike doesn't break down) to Lithuania, and eventually in any case back to Berlin by October. I also recently (just 2 days ago) bought a ticket for Mexico, so this next winter, if all goes well, I'll be touring around Mexico. Thanks for writing, though, and good luck and much enjoyment on your trip!

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Green Velo

Hi Ignacio,

If you are going to Lithuania and have enough time, I recommend you the Green Velo - the most famous and very interesting bicycle route in Eastern Poland
You can also join Green Velo in Tarnobrzeg and from Kraków to Tarnobrzeg you can get by Wiślana Trasa Rowerowa (Vistula Cycle Route)