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Ride to Nepal from Germany March - July

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Ride to Nepal from Germany March - July

Since I was 18 I dreamed of doing a trip by my own force to Nepal. School, Studies, Work, Children and family... Now I am 30 and have no more excuse - even Corona is none.


So I'll start on 27th of March in Munich to cycle direction east... er... better west first, because there are many restrictions in many countries right now.

Me: I am Marian. A Seeker for true stories in this world. I want to see and hear whats really going on in the emotional bodies of people out there. I want to see what culture is left.


So, my route is not planned, because restrictions change every day, but right now its this:

Munich - Bodensee - Zurich - Andermatt - Como - Milano - Mantova - Venezia - Triest - SLO-Transit - KRO - SERBIA - BULGARIA - TURKEY - IRAN ... yeah and then all plans end because Iran and Pakistan and India are not open right now. But this is a story to be written in 3 months.

Italy has special restrictions so I shan't go between regions. There are only 2 region-borders I need to cross: Between Lombardy and Venetia and Friaul-Venetia. This treat will be active until 6th of April.


So, this trip is very insecure. I don't know what will happen. And this is why I do it.

Is there anybody in Europe also planning to start right now?

Greetings, Marian

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Hi Marian! 

Hi Marian! 

Glad to hear you are planning this trip! 

I'm also planning to cycle trough Europe in direction of Greece/Istanbul in the first place and maybe further east later on. I've postponed this trip for some time because of the covid situation, but I don't want to wait any longer. Who knows when things will get back to normal? 

I will start in Belgium at the beginning of April. Yet my route is not fixed because of the situation. But if possible I would like to cross Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and then go further along the mediterranean coast to Greece. 

When planning I'm a bit scared of crossing borders and for restrictions. But on the other side it will be one big adventure and maybe I will discover some advantages from this situation. 

I must say it's nice to hear other people are also planning tours right now and do not let fear overrule their freedom. 

I wish you good luck, a beautiful trip and I would like to hear from your experiences along the way! 



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Ride to Nepal

Situation around the world is Not very positive   !  I may join you somepoint  .I wish you both  Good Health and Good luck.Saras