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Katy Trail from St Louis, down to Joplin, return to STL on ACA Route 66 route

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Katy Trail from St Louis, down to Joplin, return to STL on ACA Route 66 route

I'm a single female, over 60, from Vancouver WA. Driving to St Louis to start the ride, then planning on camping and cooking mostly, but a hotel for 2 days in Joplin.  The route is approximately 700 miles, with a dip into Kansas (I'd like to visit the Garmin HQ). Averaging 40 to 50 miles a day so that there's time to look around.

I have been road riding for many years, and I did a 20 day tour in 2019 and have done some week-long trips since then.  I'm easy going and flexible and it would be fun to share the experience with a like minded traveler.


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When will you be starting  from st louis? 

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Starting from St Louis

Sorry for delay in responding. I guess I expected a "notice" that someone responded. Starting from St Charles, actually, on May 26

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Hi Angie and Aaron! Wow! This looks like it would be an amazing small tour. I just wanted to say hello, and mention I am going to think about whether I could join this ride. Maybe I could ride the train up from Austin affordably. I also don't have a touring bike currently; had to leave mine in Europe, and then was never able to return, partly due to COVID. And all my tourning gear is still in Spain, though I had my friend sell my bike. So I'm a big question mark! but I also had messaged with Aaron while we were both in Europe a couple yrs ago...but we never met up! So HELLO Aaron! hoep you are well! Have a great weekend, the both of you!

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Great to hear from yall



Where do ya think ya will be the morning of 28th , sunday.


And will you be riding Katy trail to rock spur till Clinton Missouri 


May we cycle together with the wind to our tales

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Katy Logistics

On May 28 I expect to be between Marthasville and Pilot Grove.  I expect to be on the Rock Spur to get to Pleasant Hill and/or backtrack from Clinton. That's about as accurate as I can be at this time. :)

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Might be a possibility...

Hi Angie,

I've been wanting to ride the Katy Trail so your post looked interesting.  I have a house/pet sitter coming to watch the dog for the month of May and possibility a little more.  Have been itching to travel since I was sent home by covid last March from Portugal.  I had planned a 3 month cycle around the Mediterranean.  Oh well, got lots done at home.  I have booked a trip to Ecuador (without my bike) for May 5-21.  I could possibly meet you to begin on the 26th.  My time might be limited to a week, so was thinking of riding the trail together as much as possible and then taking Amtrak back.  Does that sound like it might work?  

Just finished a 5 day mini tour around home here with a friend in the NC mountains as a shakedown trip for something more.  Realized that touring is more fun with others! I have done longer 2 week tours to NOL, in SC and WV.  40-50 miles a day sounds perfect.  I'm 65 and pretty laid back, in good shape. Let me know what your plan is now and we'll go from there.  Thanks!

Happy trails, Jim

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Katy and Beyond

Jim, I'll leaving St Charles on May 26, with destination Marthasville for first night camp.  Please contact me via email: [email protected] and I'll provide more details on the entire trip. 

I've been to Ecuador several times and very much enjoyed it. Buen viaje!