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Alsace / Jura / Switzerland - 2021

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Alsace / Jura / Switzerland - 2021

Hello to all the community,

I am looking for a companion to make a bike trip between Strasbourg (France) and Genève (Switzerland) this year.

I ride around 17 km/h when it is flat (i know i am slow...) and i would like to make a loop between those both cities in riding on the Alsace route des vins, the GTJ (grande traversée du Jura), along the Leman lake and Neuchatel lake.

The trip would last 10 days to 2 weeks. I have a Gravel bike but i take mostly "normal" roads.

I like to take my time when i am in a bike trip, example in taking some baths when i reach a lake (and when it is allowed to take a bath of course). I ride around 80 km to 100 km a day when it is flat. More 60 km when the mountains come.  

You can check my trips videos on You Tube to get an idea on how i enjoy my trips. Here the video of my trip through the Alps (Augsburg - Milano) in 2018 with a friend.


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