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Cycling in the Provence (France) in November?

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Cycling in the Provence (France) in November?

Hello everyone, bonjour tout le monde,

My girlfriend and me (from Belgium) want to make a another bicycle trip this fall. We are looking for a destination that has still "acceptable" weather and yet is reachable by train from Belgium. We are planning to travel between 31st of October and the 9th of November.

So now we're considering a bicycle trip from Avignon to Nice, or somewhere around that area. But I'm finding it hard to estimate what the weather will be like. Will it be too cold? Too rainy?

I find it hard to tell - so far the weather reports for that region range from "don't go in november" to "it's fine".

To be clear; we are not deterred by a little bit of cold and/or rain. But some sun from time to time would ne nice.

Is anyone here from that region? Or anyone who did a cycling tour there in november? What was it like?

Thanks! Merci!

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