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New here with some questions.

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New here with some questions.

Hello there! 


I am new here and have some questions about being a guest. 

-How does it work correctly? 

-Is it required to book a place in advance? What if you can t come anymore?




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Getting a host is simple...usually.

Benian, I am not an expert but I have both been a guest and hosted many warmshower guest for the last 15 years.   Most host fill out a profile that incldues how much advance notice they would like.   I usually want at least 24 hour notice but have accepted people in emergencies with no notice.   I think if you treat the host as thought they were a distant relative, friendly but not assuming anything, you will be fine. 

Twice I have had people tell me they can't make to my place.    That's perfectly understandable.   They are on a bike in a strange place so things go wrong.   However, if you cancel please do so explicitly.   Otherwise some me...will worry about you.

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Question about being a Guest at Warmschowers host

Hi Benuan   , What is this   ? What do you mean by that ?                        Your question  -  “is it required to book s place in advance  ?  What if you can’t come anymore   ?  “                   Please don’t forget Warmschowers is a community NOT a Hotel chain  ! I believe you don’t forget that and  understand  ! What i,m saying !                 Thanks