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SPD-SL or toeclips for trips?

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SPD-SL or toeclips for trips?

Hi people,

We are a couple that's planning a Grand Tour de l'Europe. Visit several cities and countries.

We will travel with only a backpack. Now, I would like to hear your advice.

I have SPD-SL pedals on my roadrace bike and would need to bring additional sneakers in the backpack (less space). Do you think it's better to put toe-clip pedals on my bike so I can simply use sneakers for the cycling?

We will do around 100km a day.

Looking forward to your reply.

Lyra & Vince.

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I'd strongly recommend using

I'd strongly recommend using SPD shoes with a semi-stiff sole rather than a completely stiff sole. Racing shoes tend to be very stiff while mountain biking shoes are a bit more flexible. The mountain biking shoes won't click and make you look like you are walking like a duck while clipping in and letting you walk very comfortably. Something like this:

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As for carrying everything in a backpack, I'd suggest a small set of panniers instead.

The backpack will be hot and raise your center of gravity.

   To answer the question you asked.  I have traveled all over the USA and most of Europe on a bicycle.  All I have ever used is sneakers it's never been a problem.   Try to find sneakers with a stiff sole to spread out the force on the peddle.   The less you bring the more enjoyable the ride.  So I understand only wanting a backpack.  


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