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Would you like to join me?

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Would you like to join me?

If you ask one of my friends, they would describe me as the beardy cyclo nomad since 7 years, music maker and volunteer:) I've been re named Erik or Remy:) 

So, fellow travelers,we've got wheels!!!

I'm about to celebrate the end of the first lockdown through an Odyssey from Belgium to Portugal, magic choice for the second lockdown! It's going to be a roughly 2500 kmtrs ride, following a non pre determined in detail route through the tiniest country roads, only road, not off-road:) 

I'm hammoking and tarp tenting, no hostels or campings, keeping out of cities, in the spirit of the sweet solitude:)

I'm a non smoker  and non alcohol, vegan,  I'm sometimes dumpster diving and busking:) 

I love sharing, especially music!

I sometimes ride hard, other times I take it easy. I'm planning roughly 100km/day. Days are long, so it's easy task! I love climbing. My bike is FULLY loaded, so I won't be fast!




So, I'm in full preps right now, I'll start on 18 June from bear Ath, Wallonie. I'll cross France first following the sea shire, after Vellodyssey and I'll join Camino del Norte all the way to Finistère. After, coast line to Lisbon:) 

Open road!!


So, you,who feels the same about travelling, you're welcome to join!

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nice suggestion

hi there

i didn't get if you live volunteering and travelling...because in case, i could be really interested in joining yoou...


i live in Italy and need a "trigger" to start moving...

i was thinking about crossing the Italian/French border and follow the cost till Spain, then..Camino...when are you planning it?
i'm ok for camping wild or hammock...just not feeling so safe if alone...