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Another tyre thread

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Another tyre thread


Sorry for creating another of these threads...I've had a look elsewhere for an answer but have yet to be convinced!

I'm looking for a good light touring tyre for mostly road use but also tracks/cycle paths etc. Unlikely to anything really off road. I won't have loads of stuff, rear panniers with the usual stuff, tent & sleeping bag etc. No front panniers to fill and I weigh in at about 11 stone.

I've seen loads of people recommending Schwallbe Marathon and Marathon Plus, but having checked them out they seem like overkill. Very knobbly and REALLY heavy! I was wondering if anyone knows anything more suitable for my requirements? I have found a good deal on Schwalbe Modials but wondering if even these are too much?

Thoughts and opinions very welcome!

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Touring Tyres


Look at the Schwalbe Marathon "Supreme". The are nearly as smooth rolling as a slick, very puncture resistant and last forever. We have used them for over 10,000km on our fully loaded 700C touring bikes and they are still not worn out. I have the Kevlar bead folding ones in 700/35 and they are not at all heavy.



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Would highly recommend schwalbe marathon racers. We have done over 8 months touring on these (a couple of sets)and only ever had a couple of punctures.

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touring tire

If you want to touring tire size try 700x32c with Kevlar protection for flat protection
many tire companies sell that size
if your worried about tire weight than touring is not for you

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Ended up getting Schwalbe

Ended up getting Schwalbe Marathon Supremes. They seem good. Will let you know how I get on after cycling North Wales next week!

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The answer rather depends on how you tour, your weight, weight of kit you take. Wheel size. MONDAILS work fine on my hydrid tourer 26" wheels, though theycare a bit dead and heavy. On my Holdsworth I use 700x 25's Continental 4000 folders, which are fast, light and seem to be lasting well. I do tour light though, Carradice LongFlap, which weighs in at 10kg including tent. Currently on tour from South of England to North and back, approx 21 days on the road.

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Schwalbe Marathon Dureme and Mondial

I ride on Schwalbe Dureme and my girlfriend on Schwalbe Mondial. Both tires are excellent on paved road and on rough trails.

I would not recommend the Schwalbe Supreme for off road use. I do own a pair and they are rather slippery in mud or wet trails. Their tread does not have much bite on dirt trails or gravel roads.

I have no punctures to report in the last three years riding Marathon tires.

It's up to you, do you want to ride thousand of kilometers with or without punctures.

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