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West Mediterranean, May 2020

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West Mediterranean, May 2020

We (Macià & Steve) are planning a loop route in the Western Mediterranean. The idea would be:

Barcelona > Corsica > Sardinia > Sicily > Naples > Rome > Genoa > Nice > Montpellier > Girona.

We are free from late April til June 1st. We can change our route but not our dates. We are open to proposals for other routes in the same period.

We've never traveled with other people, but I (Macià) have done a 20-day cycling trip in a group with 15 people and it was lots of fun! 

Normally we cycle in the morning til lunch time as we usually work online in the afternoon. During weekends, we might cycle all day and do longer distances. We do 50 km as an average.

We do not camp. We stay at Airbnb and hotels. Once or twice a week, we use Warmshowers, usually at weekends.

We don't cycle too fast. We like to stop and have breaks for a drink or pictures.

We welcome anyone (male/female, young/old).

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