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Accomodation for a Group of 10 in Netherlands - any suggestion? Near Einhoven and Amsterdam

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Accomodation for a Group of 10 in Netherlands - any suggestion? Near Einhoven and Amsterdam

Hello lovely Warmshowers Community!

Maybe some of you here have connections (or live?) somewhere close to Eindhoven or Amsterdam? I am looking for a nice place where we could be hosted with a group of about 10 people in the days aroud easter (1-2 nights). Why?

I don't know if you ever heard of it - in germany there exists a "Schokofahrt". A Sailing boat (without any mechanical engine) is bringing cacao from oversees to Amsterdam, where  wonderful chocolate is being made of that. To keep the chocolate emission-free, several hundreds of bikers from all over germany (and other cities) come to amsterdam twice a year to collect and distribute chocolate - which has caused zero emission by its transport!

We are a group of about 10 people cycling from aachen (german-dutch-belgium border) to amsterdam. The first night we will spend near Einhoven on April 9th 2020, than going to Amsterdam on April 10th and back to somewhere between Amsterdam and  Eindhoven on April 11th. I was wondering if anyone here maybe knows some people in this area, who have space to host us as a group? Cycling with about 10 people is not so easy to find nice but also simple accomodation. So I wanted to give it a try, if this community can help us out there :) A huuuuge thanks and for sure some chocolate will be provided :)

If you have any idea or suggestions, where we could stay, I am really looking forward to hear from you!

Kind regards,



Ps. If you are interested - here is the website of the schokofahrt (german version)

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Group Overnight!

Create a good email letter explaining much about you group.  Photos help.  In the USA one can then contact the your equivilant of the Mayor's Office of any community, they are usually very helpful.  Another is the Chamber of Commerce.  A third is contact the Editor of the local newspaper.  Sometimes they will publish as a human interest story.  Another is a school district.  They have plenty of tent room and lots of shower stalls.  This has worked very well the many times we have needed help similar to your needs.  Good luck.

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