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América April - May 2020

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América April - May 2020

Hello everyone! 

I'm a spanish girl who is looking for companion to travel by bike from final march to middle may 2020.

I would like to travel around peru, bolivia or Chile. Im also interested in USA. No fixed plans for the moment so im open to any suggestion. 

I would like to do wild camping the majority of the days. 

Let me know if you are interested!


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Wild Camping in the USA

I wish you a wonderful trip!  Unfortunately, wild camping in the eastern half of the USA is pretty difficult.  However, you can usually (about 50% of the time) get permission to camp on the property of a rural church.  Western USA is much better as there is lots of national forest and better BLM land to camp on.  Plus the people in the western USA outside the metro areas are much more open to you camping their property (if you ask permission).

Tailwinds, John

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Hola Almudena :-) , great

Hola Almudena :-) , great advice about wild camping, John +1

If you're not too experienced I would recommend to start with Chile or the USA, since Bolivia and Peru are really not the easiest roads of the world and often very hard and steep ^^.

Carretera Austral in the southern part of Chile is gorgeous and most of the time flat and by the sea, perfect for wild camping and full with other cyclists from all over the world.

Whichever route you finally take, just ask (nice) people where you could set up your tent without bothering no-one and that should always give you a solution.  Firemen and policemen can also help.

Safe travels and enjoy the adventure!

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