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Latin America [March 2020-∞]

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Latin America [March 2020-∞]

¡Hola a todos!

This bike trip will begin in Ancash-Peru (Cordillera Blanca), passing through Ecuador, Colombia, Central America and will finish in Mexico in the first stage. The Second part will take the direction Mexico-Venezuela (I was in Vnzla last year. It was not as dangerous as mainstream media used to say. Actually, that country is still enjoyable and has very beautiful beaches). And the third stage, Venezuela-Southern cone. Some main purposes are immersion in local communities, explore natural sceneries not yet corroded by industrial tourism and make a field research, whose results are written and audiovisual ethnographic narratives.

Before starting, in February, I will make two bike trips: 1. Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve (Lima); 2. South Peru (Arequipa)- North Chile (Arica).

I highly prefer sleeping in a tent than in a five stars hotel, and preparing my food in a camping stove than eating plastified food products.

It would make me happy if you have the same interests and we can share some parts of the trips or even better a whole bike trip. I am open to listen to your advices, feel free to write to know more details :)


Warm hugs,



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