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England to Asia 2020

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England to Asia 2020

We are two (or possibly up to four) bikepackers planning on peddling our way as far east as we can get from the east of England beginning around June time once I have finished my degree. The route is not set in stone though we have ideas about following a stretch of the Danube, possibly from the source, on our approach to Turkey where we expect to arrive possibly after 3 to 4 months.

From Turkey we are currently researching a route that would avoid warzones and restricted countries for British citizens (such as Iran - though it would have been amazing to visit). A ferry from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan is our likely route and then on to the rest of the 'stans. We have not yet figured out getting from central Asia to south-east Asia over land and this may depend on the climate at the time. If at all possible, we may be inclined to attempt to continue east such that we end up back where we started.

I am writing this as an open invitation to peddling travelers to join us for parts of this journey and also I would value input from those that may have experience to share for such a journey.

We are experienced wild campers (strict LNT) and my travelling companion is a bicycle mechanic by trade.


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Safe travels, Jim - That is a

Safe travels, Jim - That is a wonderful plan

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Thank you!

Thanks for your kind words! Maybe we will cross paths in Turkey? Best regards, Jim

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hi.people iran wellcoming

i from kerman

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I agree

Hi Majidi,

I have heard this and I would love to visit! However, due to the current political climate it is difficult for British, North American and Canadian citizens to travel there without restrictions and requiring a hired guide.

I hope that this situation comes to a peaceful solution and sanctions are lifted. My dissertation supervisor is Iranian and he is the wisest person I have met.

Best regards,


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Jim, have a look at my website. or FB Cycle2Sydney

You might find some inspiration.



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Hey there, Jim!

Hey there, Jim!

I agree it sounds like the best possible plan after you finish your degree — trust me, you will not regret it :-)

I’m actually very interested in this same route but start traveling in April — only a month left, wohoo! — looking at ideas for routes from Germany to Turkey and then to China through “The Stans”.

Not too worried about war-zones (in my experience it’s normally areas to avoid, not the whole country), usually you will get updated info 1-2 countries before you reach any hot spot.

Following the Danube sounds easy and flat, but I’m afraid it will be too populated and “civilized” for my taste — and more difficult to wild/stealth camp (although Germany is an absolute paradise, full of forests and everyone disappears after sunset ^^).

By the way, what does “strict LNT” mean!?

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Hi Javier,

cause of current pölitical situation in Turkey I decided to ship mine and my bike from Odessa to Batumi.

Starting here in early March in Germany.  So will be in early April in Georgia. Armenia will be the first challenge.

In Iran want to visit some friends.

Hope the Turkmenistan visa won't be a problem.

You'll have to hurry as the summer in Central Asia is short. Expect snow at the passes even in August.

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Great info, Pete, thanks :-)

Snow sounds beautiful and should leave the place empty for oneself ;-) -- I will be, above all, trying not to hurry it.

Didn't know the situation in Turkey was so serious.  Will have to look deeper into it since this country is one of my expected highlights.

Also, what kind of challenge would Armenia represent? Cold, safety, altitude, visa?

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the challenge in Armenia will be lot of mountains and passes. Pretty tough.

Love Georgia much more than Turkey.

And of course you'll have to hurry. Mid of September lot of nomads are leaving their summer camps. No chance to buy a warm meal. Not funny in the middle of nowhere.

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