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Thailand north and Laos in February

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Thailand north and Laos in February

Dear All,

I have decided all the sudden to go to cycle tour in North Thailand and northern part of Laos in March. I know it's short notice, but there might be people staying in Thailand who would like to join just then. I intend to ride 90-170km a day with breaks once a week to 10 days depending on sightseeing and stamina; mostly camping in Buddhist temples or stay in Bungalos.. Also once a week there'll be an active recovery day with about 50-70km. The route will start in Bangkok heading towards northwest to Tak, then a very remote road alongside the Burmese border to Pai. Then Chiang Mai; from there to Chiang Rai, into Laos to Nateuy. Then all south to Luang Prabang and further tio Vientiane and NongKhai. Last bit probably by train back to Bangkok. Total is about 2300km 

Interested to do some or even the entire trip? Let me know at o WhatsApp: +41 78 767 53 46



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