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Southern Tier Trail / East to West / Tallahassee-San Diego / 01-04/20

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Southern Tier Trail / East to West / Tallahassee-San Diego / 01-04/20

Hello all !

I am Clement, a 28 years old frenchman, architect, a bit of a globetrotter. I speak french, english and mexican spanish fluently.

I am cycling across America since july. I started in Montreal, Canada and I am now in Tallahassee, Florida and about to head west. I will probably be on the coast in april/may. I take the Southern tier trail as a guideline but I will seize any occasion of visiting people and places of interest out of it (hikes, outdoor activities, volunteering, natural building, earth construction, earthships, off-the-grid setups, cabinetmaking, live music, board games, festivals, little towns, ...). Any recommendation of good places and people on the way are most welcome ! Please don't doubt in texting me to share your knowledge and good memories !

I ride a recumbent tricycle and average 40 to 70 miles a day. I am very flexible on schedule, route and rythm habits. I often stop two or three days in the nice places when possible. Wild camping, warmshowers, couchsurfing, backyard invitations. I cook my breakfast and dinner and try to eat healthy and varied food. snacks during the day. I barely plan anything and like to improvise. I pedaled with 5 persons (3 men, 2 women) along the way from one to three weeks and we got along very well each time. It works fine with people that like things more organized too. Two of the friends I cycled with (From Guadalajara and Ottawa) may join me again for parts of the trip in Texas and Arizona. You want to join me for a part of the way ? Let me know where you are and let's figure a way to hit the road together.

You can have a look at my adventure on the Instagram page clemouxduvent.


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