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Eurovelo 7- Summer 2020

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Eurovelo 7- Summer 2020

I'm currently planning a North to South European tour mostly on EuroVelo 7 ( ) for the Summer of 2020. I will begin in Nordkapp, Norway; likely in early-mid June (no firm end date yet but likely October sometime.) Plan on about 70km (40-45 miles)/day with longer stays to explore cites (the route traverses Copenhagen, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Linz, Salsberg, Rome, Naples and more; also planning on doing the coast in Sweden and visiting Stockholm). Stays will be mostly Warm Showers & Hostels with occasional B&B's, hotels or camping when necessary. 

I'm an older female (60+) and looking for companions (female or male) for portions of the route or the entire route. It's important to me that I find companions who are compatible in terms of distance traveled and willingness to 'stop & smell the roses.'


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