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Central Asia Spring 2020

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Central Asia Spring 2020

Hello beautiful community!

My name is Salomé, I just discovered this section of the website and I thought I should give it a try!

Ive been cycling for the last six months from Spain (home) to Cyprus where I got stuck scaping from winter. I'm home at the moment for Christmas and Ill try to keep scaping the winter as long as possible here. Anyway, I'm already excited about coming back to Cyprus, where my bike is waiting for me, to go back to Turkey, Iran and head to central Asia, probably with spring. 

I was wondering if there is more people around this area or someone with similar plans. During last six months I've been riding with peope and alone and I enjoy both! :) 

Peace <3



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Starting in cyprus

Hello. I’m planning on starting a cycling trip in spring from Cyprus.  I’m interested in seeing Central Asia by bicycle.  I should be in Cyprus in April or early May.  I have always cycled solo so this would be great.

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