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� Riding the Longest Road in Europe (Portugal Touring) �

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� Riding the Longest Road in Europe (Portugal Touring) �

Hi! My name is Eduardo Abalada and I’ve been in love with sports for all my life. My project is SeedCycle (instagram @seedcycle), a human energy moved seed bank. I travel by bicycle to get to know my country and its nature. 

We want to invite all of those interested in getting in touch with our culture, nature, traditions and country, to take part in one of our tours. 

When we take a tour we carry all of our equipment, no support vehicle whatsoever. This is what pushes us to get to know new people and places, to dive in the authentic Portugal.

We know that for those who arrive to our country, the 900 kms long shores might be what looks more attractive, but if you dare into the deep Portugal you will discover some of the most beautiful villages, picturesque places, rivers, mountains and real portuguese people, very different from those you can find in the highly touristic Algarve.

In June 2019, after months of obsession with the National road number 2, the longest in Europe and number 3 in the world, right after route 66 in the US and ruta 40 in Argentina, we decided, me and Tiago Farraia, natural born athlete and dedicated yogini, founder of the project Yoga na Terra (integral @yoganaterra), to depart for an adventure. There are around 740kms that connect Chaves, next to the border with Spain, to Faro, capital of the most touristic region in Portugal, the Algarve.

Through the way you find such an intense culture, so much history and views so stunning that it gets hard to get it all in at once. 

That’s why we need to do it again. 

And we want to take you with us! We want you to know the National Road 2 and the real touring Portugal.


1st to 22nd June 2020

Departure from Lisbon on the 29th May, travel by bus to Chaves

Return on the 22nd June, travel by bus to Lisbon from Faro.



25€/day x 22 days = 550€

plus bus tickets

(budget should cover food, camping accommodation whenever needed or available, and extras)

Participants should be prepared for, whenever necessary, wild camping.

Join the ride!


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Hi all! This sounds

Hi all! This sounds interesting. I had no idea my country had the 3rd longest national road in the world. I would like to know more details about it. Perhaps send you a private message? I like the concept of camping and bringing your own stuff but I would like to know more about the daily mileage or if we're going to ride everyday...


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N2 Chaves to Faro

Great tour, becoming popular with cyclists. In Chaves you can get a passport, for validating along the way. Nice souvenir.
Go to Google and enter 'N2 Portugal'. Lots of information. I may be interested to join :).
Regards, Michiel
Santa Luzia TVR

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