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Mauritania from Morocco

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Mauritania from Morocco

Hello, tomorrow I'm going to start to cicling from Melilla to Dakar. I would like to know if somebody have clossed the border from Morocco to Mauritania recently to confirm the price, 55€, for visa. Thanks.... 

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I crossed the border at the

I crossed the border at the beginning of last year and paid 55€. From the reports I have seen on travel fora, the price has not changed at all. Make sure you have exact change, because the Mauritanian border guards often don’t have change. You don’t need passport photos, they will take your photo there in the office.

Be prepared for a lot of police harassment in Western Sahara. The Moroccan authorities will let you cross the region, but they will often follow you on a motorcycle, or insist that you sleep at certain hotels. They are very nervous that foreign cyclists may actually be human-rights activists concerned about the indigenous Saharawi people.

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