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Southern tier > west to east. >start feburary 2020 > to infinity and beyond

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Southern tier > west to east. >start feburary 2020 > to infinity and beyond


:Seeking companions. Plan to start southern tier in February or march 2020



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I will be stopping to smell the Roses and sleeping in. I usually cook breakfast and dinner. Interested in going to big bend hot springs in texas and other deviations are accepted. Hope to continue cycling north from st Augustine...


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I have cycled many tours around the States. I travel pretty light and in no hurry. I have Mainly cycled west  of Mississippi.

Please ask question if interested in cycling together.



But open to anything 




Look at my profile for past tours.



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Bike companion Coastal Fl ->keys

Im looking for a bike adventure companion coastal FL staring & aug -> A1A keys and back up east or west coast / camping in parks or gorilla camping . Lmk if your interested. Im slowish as I am towing my co-pilot 16yo lab mix.

Then maybe switching to a kayak camp trip down a few FL rivers .

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Maybe next year

Hi Aaron,

I wish you well on this tour. I am hoping to do this in 2021 when I am 60.  Still working Full Time, trying to convince my compant that I am due a sabbatical :-).

Anyway, do be prepared for cold (and snow?) as you cross the mountains from CA to AZ on the Southern Tier.  I have not ridden myself, by I think it will be cold even in April.  Trying to figure out what months to do this myself.  I think early in the year is good, except those mountains.  Let us know how you make out!

Thanks, Eben