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Route suggestions - three weeks in Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia

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Route suggestions - three weeks in Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia

Hi all,

we are two friends starting on October 1st, 2019 for a three-week cycling trip through Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia. We have a couple of places that we'd definitely like to visit but are flexible with our route to adapt to nice cycle routes, spots to visit or camp at, and to different weather conditions between the mountains and the coast. We've done some research in the following areas but experiences from other cyclists tend to add important details and tips so here is what we're looking for:

- Cycle routes where car traffic is moderate or bearable

- Camping experiences/tips for the three countries

- Your experiences with (mountain) weather in the region in October

Really enjoy being part of this community and would welcome your suggestions!

Gesa and Joss

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Actually touring


We are actually touring in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, mainly on Istrian peninsula.

Weather: hot and dry season is definitely over. Now it can be warm, cool and cold (in the mountains). It can be sunny or cloudy. Sometimes it can have (heavy) rain and/or wind, like Bora. It's not possible to say weather is better on the coast or on hinterland. We recommended to decide when you are touring and have the forecast for the next days.

We cycled thousands of kilometers in the Balkans. Mostly on roads with low traffic. The price is sometimes that it is not so easy to cycle. There are only a few points where we would try to find alternatives. Here exists only few cycling paths. The most are more near touristic areas. But these paths mostly are ok for day trips and mountain bikes. You can check our GPS-tracks: 4 months in the Balkans 2016, another 2 months in the Balkans 2016, Dalmatia and Via Dinarica 2017 and Vienna - Villach via Slovenia 2018. Feel free to download the tracks. In a few days we will add the actual tracks from Istria.

We recommend maps from MAPY. There you can see all types of roads, streets and waymarked cycle trails.

If you have further questions contact us!

Greetings from Buje/Istria!

Michaela and Herbert

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Thank you very much for those useful tips especially regarding routes and online maps! Will check out your Istria trip as well.

Greetings and happy cycling,


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GPS-tracks of Istria and some other informations

Hi Gesa and Joss,

We returned home from our cycling tour. Ljubljana - Udina via Istria. Now you can see the GPS--tracks.

We forgot to mention in Croatia to avoid the Adriatic highway (Jadranska Magistrala) because of the terrible traffic. Also cycling from Koper to Trieste is horrible. If you want to go to Trieste from Slovenia we recommend to take the way from Kozina. This is an old train way - very beautiful approaching the town of Trieste.

Greetings from Danube valley!

Herbert and Michaela

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