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Seattle to LA

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Seattle to LA

Hi Folks


My name is Anthony Peter (Tony) from Coffs Harbour NSW Australia and I am arriving in Seattle WA on the 9th Oct next month. This is my first overseas bike touring trip and my first time to America. I am planning to ride from Seattle to LA over two months along the Pasific Coastal route as much as possible. I am looking for as many Warmshower hosts as I can find along the way but really looking for anyone keen to join me along the way or part of the way for company and adventure.

Please message me or post here if you would be interested.

Thanks Heaps


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Re: Seattle to LA

We've had a damp fall here in the Pacific Northwest, so advise a good set of rainwear, good to see you have fenders! The coast will be pretty dramatic at tht time, but check for campgrounds that may have closed at the end of September. Should be a most exciting adventure!

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Hi Tony,

Need a place to stay in Seattle area and airport pick-up let me know. Should be able to help out. We are out of Seattle proper and about 30 minutes from SeaTac airport. We often go to Seattle just to enjoy the riding and views if that interest you. If you just have guestions that good too. Contact us if interested via warmshowers, phone or email. Brad, Michaela Gould. 206-718-1083 or

Happy to help you out if possible but if not have a safe and fun trip!!!!!!

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The big adventure

Thanks so much Brad, but I have got accomodation all sorted for Seattle. I will let you know if something goes wrong.

Kind Regards


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