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Cycling to Middle East!

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Cycling to Middle East!


I am Jona and will be travelling to the east from Barcelona. I will start next week (mid september 2019) and go all the way to the Middle East through balkans and Turkey.

I mainly do wild camping and cook my own food but sometimes, when my mind asks for it, i do rest in a hostel for a couple of days and do about 80-100 km each day. 

I enjoy agriculture, language and music. Actually I have a project to learn from traditional knowledge related to traditional seeds and agriculture techniques of the different places I vist. As well as visiting different permaculture and agroecology projects/farms along the way.

If you feel like joining I'll be more than happy to talk, bike and laugh together. 


Cheers and tasty food :)

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Que alegria

Hi , really interesting route , i wish you best of luck and safe trip , if by any chance you change your road up north close to Slovakia you are welocome to visit us , there are not many colombians around here .

In the meantime enjoy as much as possible .



best regards

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